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Sometime in Jan 2011

My Scooter Girl

Can't remember exactly when I recorded this. We had just bought this scooter for her and initially she was rather apprehensive, but soon warmed up and was scooting all over the place.
6 March 2011
Trial at My Art Pencil
Ash loves to draw and Mummy finally signed Ash up for a trial class at My Art Pencil this afternoon. Was pretty impressed with the elephant that Ash drew, more importantly, it was proportionate. I wasn't in the class as only 1 parent was allowed to accompany the child for trial so according to Mummy, the class starts with a story to get the children imagining about what they were going to draw.
5 March 2011

Carseat Memories

We finally sold Ash's carseat today. Although I knew that Ash would not be using it anymore, I felt a little sad letting it go as it felt like I was letting a part of Ash go. So I searched thru all our photos and found these of Ash in her carseat. It had served her well and it was time for it to serve another child.
28 Feb 2011
Visit to The Peranakan Museum

The Peranakan Museum was celebrating the final weekend of the exhibit Ramayana Revisited with free entry, free ice-cream, free goody bag & a whole host of activities for kids such as clay sculpting, key-chain making, postcard colouring. What's more the parking was free on Sundays, so why not ? So that's how we spent our Sunday.
Even before entering the Museum, a huge piece of cloth was set outside for visitors to try their hand at Batik painting.

First up was for Mummy and Ash to get Henna designs on their arms.
Next up was to balance things up by getting the other arm "tattooed". After that, it was off for some clay sculpting. Ash chose the to make the character of Sita, the wife of Rama.

Ash trying out Freddy Krueger or is it Wolverine ?

And a photo opportunity with Ravana, King of Lanka who kidnapped Sita.

Finally, for some ice-cream............
8 Feb 2011
Chinese New Year in Klang
As with every year, we will spend CNY in Klang with Por Por and Gong Gong. This year, Gong Gong had prepared lots of fireworks and sparklers for Ash.

Ash also got to go on a motor cycle ride with Gong Gong around the neighbourhood which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Lights of I-City

Dec 2009
It's been over a year since I last updated Ash's blog, so I've decided to do a quick month by month summary (of what I can remember). So here goes............

Cycling at the East Coast Park

Christmas Lightup at Tanglin Mall

As usual, we chose to visit Tanglin Mall to avoid the crowd & traffic jam along Orchard Road.

11 Nov 2009
Ash has been down with fever since Monday night. Was told by her teacher yesterday that 2 of her classmates were also down with fever. She could have caught it from an idiotic boy in her music class. At a make-up class last Friday, he was already having a very bad phlegmy cough, yet he deliberately coughed right into Ash's face. It wasn't an accidental thing as he turned his face to her, stretched out his neck and coughed at her, and he knew what he was doing as I could see it in his eyes. The mother is an irritating specimen herself, that boy needed to be controlled as he was constantly disrupting the class week after week.
So today was Day 2 at home for Ash and she was playing with Lego this morning and built this "robot" - it is supposed to be a Transformer :p

Next was her pirate riding on some kind of buggy.
And this is my robot.
1 Nov 2009

Cousin Joshua - part II

Visited cousin Joshua today. Ash was excited as she wanted to see Por-Por, Gong-Gong and Cousin Joshua.

Looks like Ash will make a good Jie-Jie - rocking Joshua.

Ash posing with Por-Por and Joshua

Giving mummy a hug.

Sneaking a snack

I saw Ash hovering around the dining table with Gong-Gong as I was going to the kitchen to get a drink. A while after I came back, I noticed Ash wasn't around and the place was unusually quiet. Suddenly from the corner of my eye, I saw some movement under the table and when I went round, this is what I saw - Ash sneaking a snack of pineapple tarts. We didn't want her to eat it as she had just recovered from a cough.
29 Oct 2009

At the Marina Barrage

Decided to bring Ash to the Marina Barrage yesterday morning. The way in was thru Marina South, but with the IR and Gardens projects going on, Marina South had become a major contruction zone with lorries everywhere. When we finally got there, I was a little disappointed to see that many schools had arranged for "educational" trips there as well. There were students at every corner and they treated the place as a playground.
Anyway, the weather was initially hot and sunny, I could see that Ash wasn't enjoying it very much, she's someone who's not much for the sun. Thankfully, a little later on, rain clouds came in and at one point, it looked like it was going to rain.
Ash is the timid kind in new places, it took some coaxing to convince her how much fun it was in the wading area, but once she went in, all her timidness just disappeared.
20 Oct 2009

A feeling of inevitability

Received a SMS from school this evening - 2 confirmed cases of HFMD and 1 pending confirmation from Ash's class. One kid was already down with it since the 15th, so he hasn't been to school since then, so he wasn't at the party. Another was confirmed this afternoon, but he only stayed a while at the party. The kid that's pending was however at the party all the way. Although I'm hoping that she will be alright, I can't help feeling that it will be inevitable.

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